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Artist - Song name Category Date added Hits
Paul Stanga si taraful live deschidere Petrecere 06 September 2022 461
Paul Stanga si taraful muzica de petrecere live Petrecere 15 August 2022 814
Muzica de petrecere cu taraful Paul Stanga live 2022 Petrecere 13 August 2022 680
Taraful Paul Stanga si Marcela Fota live nunta Petrecere 11 August 2022 446
Paul Stanga si taraful la nunta live Petrecere 04 August 2022 573
Paul Stanga si taraful live Petrecere 01 August 2022 701
Paul Stanga si taraful live show Petrecere 17 June 2022 527
Paul Stanga si Taraful live Petrecere 09 June 2022 605
Taraful Paul Stanga live Petrecere 04 March 2022 697
Taraful Paul Stanga live Hilton partea 2 Petrecere 01 March 2022 767
Taraful Paul Stanga live show part 3 Hilton Petrecere 26 February 2022 710
Taraful Ionica Minune Live 2021 Petrecere 29 December 2021 1387
Taraful Marian Cozma - Live Petrecere Karelia Petrecere 11 June 2021 1676
Taraful Oltenesc Adc - Sarba din Hcc (Live) Petrecere 04 March 2021 1175
Taraful Puiu Bucataru Colaj NOU 2021 Muzica de petrecere #LIVE la Dulce-i graiul de folclor Petrecere 06 February 2021 1786
Leo de la Rosiori x Taraful Turnenii - Ma laud sa auda lumea (Live) Manele 25 November 2020 1515
Leo de la Rosiori x Taraful Turnenii - Nevasta mea m am tinut de promisiune 2021 (Live) Manele 25 November 2020 1300
Leo de la Rosiori x Taraful Turnenii - Mi a dat Dumnezeu mai mult (Live 2020) Manele 24 November 2020 969
Taraful Oltenesc x Alex de la Caracal - Dedicatia nasului (Live la Aurel Magnolia) Petrecere 14 November 2020 1381
Taraful Oltenesc x Alex de la Caracal - Sa nu vinzi casa cumva (Live la Aurel Magnolia) Petrecere 11 November 2020 1242
Taraful Oltenesc x Alex de la Caracal - Lasa-ma cu haina rupta (Live la Aurel Magnolia) Petrecere 06 November 2020 1594
Taraful Oltenesc ADC - Nu ma lasa Dumnezeu pe mine & De-as fi Dumnezeu pentru o zi Colaj (Live 2020) Petrecere 03 November 2020 1235
Taraful Oltenesc Alex de la Caracal - Colaj Oltenesc (Live la Aurel Magnolia) Petrecere 30 October 2020 1424
Taraful oltenesc Alex de la Caracal - Hai la joc (Program Nunta Cristiana si Cristi)(LIVE 2020) Petrecere 25 October 2020 1585
Taraful Oltenesc x Alex de la Caracal - Viata asta-i ca o scara, ieri am fost sarac azi domn (LIVE) Petrecere 19 October 2020 1573
Taraful Turnenii - Hora de la Stefanesti si Caravana Spectacol Instrumental LIVE Petrecere 17 April 2020 1655
Mihai CHINEZU & Taraful Ploiestenii - Viata ca a mea frumoasa & Orice om are un tata (LIVE 2020) Manele 09 April 2020 1477
Taraful Oltenesc Alex de la Caracal - Nunta 2020 la Tarsolt Bixad Live Petrecere 14 February 2020 1707
Taraful Oltenesc Alex de la Caracal - Cine-i tata si are fete fetele lui tata (Live 2020) Petrecere 26 January 2020 2322
Taraful Oltenesc Alex de la Caracal - Iubaret am fost lume o viata (live 2020) Petrecere 10 January 2020 2191
Taraful Marian Cozma - Muzica de nunta Live Petrecere 19 December 2019 3275

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