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Artist - Song name Category Date added Hits
Miruna Tatar - Inima, bage, iti dau 2021 Petrecere 03 July 2021 640
Haidin & Marinica Namol - Ce-ti mai place cand iti dau & Bravo lor au stil tiganii Manele 18 March 2021 656
ASU x JIMMY DUB - Iti Dau Tot Ce Vrei (Originala 2020) Manele 29 December 2020 1443
Liviu Guta - Iti Dau Toate Florile (Originala 2020) Manele 23 December 2020 915
Nikolas x ELYS - La noapte iti dau senzatii (Originala 2020) Manele 11 December 2020 4328
Alina Constantin - Iti dau inima (Originala 2020) Manele 05 December 2020 801
Sorina Ceugea X Puisor de la Medias - Iti dau inima din mine (Originala 2020) Manele 31 July 2020 1725
Jean de la Craiova & Irina Lepa - Inima mea iti dau (Originala 2020) Manele 07 April 2020 2055
Andreea Todor - Iti dau inima (Videoclip Full HD) Videoclipuri 28 February 2020 1297
Andreea Todor - Iti dau inima (Originala 2020) Manele 27 February 2020 1651
Sorinel de la Plopeni - Hai iubito cu mine in padure sa iti dau banana mea in mana Manele 02 March 2019 1317
NICOLAE GUTA - Eu iti dau zilele mele (Originala 2019) Manele 04 February 2019 1292
Memetel si Alex de la Braila - Iti dau ce vrei iubire (Originala 2019) Manele 15 January 2019 783
Ovidiu Taran si Ioana Clonta - Iti dau inima pe loc (Videoclip HD) EXCLUSIVE Videoclipuri 19 September 2018 827
Ovidiu Taran si Ioana Clonta - Iti dau inima pe loc (Originala 2018) Manele 18 September 2018 1132
Costel Biju - Numai fratii iti dau putere (Originala 2018) Manele 01 September 2018 862
Alex Pustiu - Iubire imi dai iubire iti dau (Originala 2018) Manele 08 June 2018 857
Florin Salam - Iti dau tot ce vrei iubire (Live 2017) Manele 19 November 2017 974

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