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Artist - Song name Category Date added Hits
Florita de la Clejani - Lacrimile mele au secat de tot (Originala 2021) Manele 24 December 2021 405
SARBATORI CU IUBIRE x Guest's x Tzanca x Voetin x Florita x L. LG x C.Dinu x Mariano (cover Raikaho Tuman) Manele 07 December 2021 826
Florita de la Clejani - OMULE (Cele Mai Ascultate Melodii) Manele 13 October 2021 616
Florita de la Clejani x Ionut Bratu - Strange omu intruna (Originala 2021) Manele 13 October 2021 625
Florita de la Clejani - Manele noi Manele 04 September 2021 888
Ionut Printu x Voetin x Florita de la Clejani Manele 12 August 2021 860
Biju x Susanu x Florita de la Clejani Manele 10 July 2021 1178
Florita de la Clejani si Vali Birlic - Bate Bate Inima (Originala 2021) Manele 06 July 2021 1261
Florita de la Clejani - Cum sa imparti dragoste la 2 barbati (Originala 2021) Manele 24 June 2021 872
FLORITA DE LA CLEJANI - FRATII (Originala 2021) Manele 17 June 2021 971
Florita de la Clejani si Invitatii - Ce mi-ai promis Manele 04 June 2021 791
Rico Nadara x Alessio x Florita de la Clejani x Voetin HIT DUPA HIT Manele 28 May 2021 807
Manele forta Voetin x Florita de la Clejani x Babi Minune x Catalin de la Ploiesti x Urucu Robert Manele 16 May 2021 1188
FLORIN PURICE x FLORITA DE LA CLEJANI - CEL MAI MARE ADEVAR (Originala 2021) Manele 02 May 2021 1182
Florita de la Clejani - Onoarea si familia (Originala 2020) Manele 02 June 2020 1110
FLORITA DE LA CLEJANI - DE DRAGUL COPIIILOR (Originala 2020) Manele 29 May 2020 1334
Florita de la Clejani - Eu mi-am castigat respectul (Originala 2020) Manele 14 May 2020 556
Florita de la Clejani - Mi-a dat Dumnezeu putere (Originala 2020) Manele 09 May 2020 653
FLORITA DE LA CLEJANI - MI-AU CRESCUT GRADELE (Originala 2020) Manele 08 May 2020 1360
Copilul de Aur, Kojo, Manu, Gyuliano, Florita Clejani & A. Duma - Nu ma dau, eu pe nimeni nu ma (Originala 2020) Manele 26 January 2020 566
Florita de la Clejani - Pleaca (Originala 2018) Manele 30 January 2018 568

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