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Artist - Song name Category Date added Hits
Alex Savu - BOMBARDIER (Jocuri Tiganesti) Manele 20 June 2022 311
Noaptea Tarziu - Balada Bombardierilor (Varianta Neoficiala) Romaneasca 21 May 2021 1779
Maneaua Bombardierilor - Pamflet Manele 25 March 2021 1484
Cristi Dorel - Bombardier de o zi (Originala 2021) Manele 12 February 2021 1223
Sorinel de la Plopeni - Melodii pentru toti bombardierii COLAJ Petrecere 30 July 2020 1260
FLORIN PURICE - BOMBARDIERI PE BATERII (Originala 2020) Manele 05 January 2020 1917
Lautaru' Cristi si Nelson Mondialu' - Bombardieru' (Originala 2019) Manele 21 December 2019 2521
Lupii - Bombardieri (Original Radio Edit) Romaneasca 10 April 2018 872

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