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Artist - Song name Category Date added Hits
Adi de la Valcea - Al tau buna dimineata (Originala 2021) Manele 22 July 2021 984
Loredana x Costi x Jador x Baboiash x Adi Valcea x Nicu Paleru x Vali Vijelie x Jean x Stefan - Suflet si Trup Manele 23 June 2021 1586
Adi de la valcea canta imnul Craiovei Romaneasca 26 May 2021 668
ANISHA x Costi x Baboiash x Jean de la Craiova x Adi de la Valcea x Nicu Paleru - O mie de nopti (Videoclip Full HD) Videoclipuri 22 May 2021 749
ANISHA & Costi x Baboiash x Jean de la Craiova x Adi de la Valcea x Nicu Paleru - O mie de nopti Manele 22 May 2021 2119
Culita Sterp x Baboiash x Vali Vijelie x Adi de la Valcea x Liviu Pustiu - Gura ta by Costi Manele 06 May 2021 1361
LOREDANA & Jador x Salam x Costi x Culita x Baboiash x Stefan Barbulesti x Nicu Paleru x Adi Valcea x Vali Vijelie Manele 22 April 2021 2583
ADI DE LA VALCEA - VIATA MEA-I O LOTERIE (Originala 2021) REQUEST Manele 11 February 2021 1444
Jador x Culita Sterp x Costi x Baboiash x Vali Vijelie x Adi de la Valcea x Liviu Pustiu - Gura Ta Manele 30 January 2021 6953
Liviu Guta x Adi De La Valcea - Suna Cu Numar Privat (Originala 2020) Manele 24 October 2020 1352
Carmen Ienci x Formatia - Tu mie, Tu mie LIVE (Cover Adi de la Valcea) 2020 Manele 18 September 2020 1128
ADI DE LA VALCEA & RAZVAN DE LA PITESTI - NE IUBIM CA-N INSTANBUL (Originala 2020) Manele 04 February 2020 2335
Adi de la Valcea si Cosmin (t-Short) - Iarta-ma iubito (Manele Vechi) Manele 15 January 2020 1441
ADI de la VALCEA - Pentru cine, pentru tine (Manele Vechi) Manele 29 December 2019 1618
Liviu Guta si Adi de la Valcea - E nebuna rau nebuna (Originala 2019) Manele 16 July 2019 986
Adi de la Valcea - Mamacita mi amor (Originala 2019) Manele 02 July 2019 858
Adi de la Valcea - MAMA SOACRA (Originala 2019) Manele 25 February 2019 1318
Adi de la Valcea, Morgana si Mr Juve - E toxica iubirea ta (Originala 2018) Manele 30 October 2018 943
Adi De La Valcea Si Razvan De La Pitesti - Fericirea Este Pt 2 (Originala 2018) Manele 10 August 2018 901
Adi de la Valcea - Iubita mea vrea doar soare (Originala 2018) Manele 15 June 2018 835
ADI DE LA VALCEA - COBRA (Originala 2018) Manele 07 April 2018 902
Adi de la Valcea - Mai stai inima, mai stai (Originala 2018) Manele 21 March 2018 993
Adi de la Valcea - Cristina (Originala 2018) Manele 02 February 2018 987

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